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Course: Spanish II Academic


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Spanish II continues and expands the fundamental skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing acquired in Level I. Emphasis is on the development of conversational abilities, mastery of new grammar structures, and acquisition of vocabulary. More attention is given to reading and writing.

Course Materials:

Descubre I textbook, binder and loose leaf paper or notebook, folder, and teacher-distributed materials


Unit Name

Chapter/Pages Covered


  # of Days


Unit 5: Las vacaciones

Pages 151-188



Unit 7: La rutina diaria

Pages 262 - 298



Unit 6:  De compras

Pages 189 - 224



Units 8 and 9:  La comida y el pretérito

Pages 225-260; 299-330



*In addition to the major assessments listed, smaller quizzes on vocabulary and grammar topics will be given every 8-10 school days. Pop quizzes on verbs from SPA 1 up to the current lesson will be administered every 5-10 school days. 

Note:  The above pacing guide may be adjusted by the teacher at any point based on student need, availability of materials, etc.  Spanish II Academic covers units 5, 7, 6, 8, and 9, in that order. Grammar and content are embedded into all units.

Assessments:  Each unit will be assessed using a variety of formative and summative assessment strategies designed to increase student understanding.  Grades will be generated using the following components and their approximate percentages.  To assist in planning, next to each percentage you will find an approximate number of assignments for each component.  Please note that the approximate percentage weight of each assignment may be modified by the teacher at any point based on student needs and adjustments to the pacing guide.

 **A note about remediation: If a student earns less than 63% on an assessment, the student may retake the assessment and the two grades will be averaged together to replace the original grade (not to exceed 70%) .  The remediation must be student-initiated and must take place within 1 week of receiving a grade on the original assessment. Students may not do retakes during class.  STUDENTS MAY NOT RETAKE POP QUIZZES


% of % of % of % of

MP1    # MP2    # MP3    # MP4    #

Tests and quizzes 80% 4-6 80%    4-6 80%   4-6 80%       4-6

*Other 20% 1-3 20% 1-3 20%       1-3 20%   1-3

*Can consist of homework, class participation, preparedness, and/or other assignments at the teacher’s discretion.

At the end of the year, final grades will be calculated using one of the formulas provided below.

Full Year Classes:  MP1(20%)+MP2(20%)+Midterm(10%)+MP3(20%)+MP4(20%)+Final(10%)

Semester Classes:  MP1(40%)+MP2(40%)+Exam(20%)

Course Summary:

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